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Pre-Wedding Photography

Album, Photos & etc

  • Tom Wedding Evening Gown
  • Tom Wedding Bridegroom Suit
  • Beautiful Wedding Flowers & Bouquet
  • Provided Bridegroom & Bride Assessories
  • Bride & Groom Wedding Corsages
  • Wedding Car Decoration

Actual Wedding Day

  • Production of 2 Albums with 20 Pages
  • Laminated Enlargement Frame Size 20'x30'
  • 50pcs of Digital Design Post Card
  • 10R Photo (Texture+Frame)
  • Wedding Dinner Movement DVD
  • Production of 45 Photos with Mastercopy CD 
  • Handled by Senior Professional Photographer
  • Professional Make-Up, Hairdo & Image Design
  • 4 Sets of Tom Wedding Bridal, Evening and Traditional Gown
  • Tom Wedding Bridegroom Suit
  • Provided Bridegroom & Bride Assessories
  • Indoor & K.L area Outdoor Shooting &Tom Private Outdoor

Maternity & Baby Photo

We believe in preserving memories so that in years to come, you can look back and remember the special moments

Our services

Pre-wedding Photography

Actual Day Photography

Wedding Car Rental 

Gowns & Coat Rental

Family Photo

Couple Portrait

Personal Portraits



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